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Print books for the beach or backyard discounted for a limited time (some autographed)

Pixel Hall Press is a relatively new, old-fashioned small publishing house whose focus is on discovering literary gems and great stories that might have otherwise been overlooked.

Our mission is to publish books and short stories that energize the imagination and intrigue the mind, and to be a conduit between readers and provocative, stimulating, talented authors.

"Traveling Left of Center" by Nancy Christie "The Winter Boy" by Sally Wiener Grotta"Empty Chair Anthology" "Seven From Haven" by Daniel Grotta"Annabelle" a PHP Short story by Nancy Christie"Snow" a PHP Short story by Aine Greaney "Cautionary Tales for the New Millenium" by Eric Nielsson"Alice in Wonderland" a PHP Short story by Nancy Christie"Honor," a Black Bear Pennsylvania novella by Daniel Grotta"Jo Joe" by Sally Wiener Grotta


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Stock up on great reads for the beach or backyard. Discounts on print books. some autographed) Limited Time Sale

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