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Annabelle, a complete short story excerpted from Traveling Left of Center and Other Stories by Nancy Christie
          A lyrical portrait of a young woman, the daughter of a painter and his devoted model. Their obsession with the creation of art binds the family and twists the soul of a child. A short story from PHP Shorts. (Find out more about this book here)

         (Or listen to an audio recording of Nancy Christie reading the intriguing opening of Annabelle.)


The Winter Boy by Sally Wiener Grotta (novel excerpt)

          Reminiscent of work by Margaret Atwood, Mary Doria Russell and Ursula K. LeGuin, The Winter Boy explores political and social issues within a dynamic, character-driven otherworld.  In The Winter Boy, a cloistered society of widows has forged a centuries-long peace by using storytelling, reason and sexual intimacy to train young men destined to be leaders. But a new widow’s first season with a “problem” boy erupts into conflict, anger and danger, when she uncovers a web of conspiracies that threaten his life and could destroy their entire society.

(Find out more about this novel here)


Mr. Eastman's Empathy by Daniel Grotta (complete short story from Seven From Haven)
         Seven gentle stories of the paranormal with O'Henry-like sensibility, charm and humor. This excerpt is a complete short story: Mr. Eastman's Empathy, a tale of an ordinary man who vows to fight Death itself with the only weapon he has... his empathy. (Find out more about the book here)


Divine Lawsuit by Eric Nielsson, illustrated by Jay Munro (A full story from the collection Cautionary Tales for a New Millenium)
        What's a god-fearing man to do when he's sued for by a bunch of godless Long Islanders? Cautionary Tales for a New Millienum is a mini collection of very short illustrated stories that reach below the funny bone to expose insights and truths about who we are and what we are becoming. From PHP Shorts. (Find out more about this eBook here)


Jo Joe by Sally Wiener Grotta (novel excerpt)
         A young mixed race Jewish woman confronts her first love, is menaced by a violent old enemy, and uncovers a secret about the bigotry that scarred her childhood. A Black Bear, Pennsylvania novel. (Find out more about this novel here)

        (Or view a video of Sally Wiener Grotta reading from her novel Jo Joe.)


Alice in Wonderland by Nancy Christie (short story excerpt)

        When life is unbearable, where can one go to escape? For Alice, constrained by circumstances and unwanted obligations, books transport her to imagined worlds beyond her own, nourishing her spirit -- and her body. But what will Alice do when there are no more pages to devour and reality reclaims full dominion? (This excerpt is an MP3 recording of the author reading a portion. Find out more about this story here)


Honor by Daniel Grotta (novella excerpt)
         What is it to be honorable? In the eyes of others? In your own heart? Is it what you've done or who you are? A Black Bear, Pennsylvania novella.(Find out more about this story here)


The Broken Bottle by Sally Wiener Grotta (complete short story)

        In this short story, a suburban wife's perceptions of life and self-awareness are irreparably altered when she witnesses a brief but vivid moment of violence in downtown Chinatown. (Originally published in The North Atlantic Review.) This download is the complete short story from PHP Shorts and includes an excerpt from the novel Jo Joe. (Find out more about The Broken Bottle here)

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