Writers Guidelines

Pixel Hall PressUPDATE August 2016. At present, Pixel Hall Press is not accepting unsolicited queries.

Pixel Hall Press will be growing very slowly, so we can give attention to each book, story and author we publish. That means we'll be adding only a few new writers a year.

What we are seeking are literary gems that might have otherwise been overlooked by larger publishers. Fiction or narrative non-fiction. In some cases, we might consider memoirs or biographies. More than genre, we focus on how compelling the story is, how memorable the characters, how the narrative develops while avoiding clich├ęs. We're looking for highly polished, well crafted stories that grab us and will haunt us, even long after we've finished the last page. Books written by experienced writers who know their craft and captivate readers with their passion.

What we offer authors is more creative involvement, the opportunity for greater dialogs with readers, and a higher percentage of the profits.

Unless we know your work, it is very unlikely that we'll publish your novel right off the bat. One way that you may catch our attention is by submitting a short story or novella first (of about 4,000 to 15,000 words). If we like it, and you like what we offer, we may publish it as a standalone PHP Shorts eBook. Some PHP short stories may also be collected into print anthologies.

Before you submit a story or novel to Pixel Hall Press, we ask that you send us a query email first. Wow us with a summary or synopsis, then tell us a bit about yourself. We will respond to all queries, but please, be patient, since it may take us a few weeks. And please understand that, as a small boutique publishing house, we cannot say "yes!" to every query, regardless of how good it is.

Thank you for your interest in Pixel Hall Press.


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